Electrical Outlet Installation Services in Charleston, SC

Consistently, homes depend on the power to do pretty much everything. From operating the fridge to watching television and switching on of the lights, families rely on reliable electricity within their homes to perform all daily chores. But if there are no outlets at home, then electricity cannot be used there.

Outlets that fail to supply sufficient power or give up completely are more than just nuisances as they can pose a legitimate threat. At the point when a family needs to fix or update outlets inside a home, a neighborhood electrician will guarantee the activity is done well and fulfills all safety guidelines.

What’s new with electrical outlet installation?

Whether your home is older or newer, there are likely a few upgrades with your outlets that you could benefit from. If your outlets are the standard two-prong models, you might be interested in upgrading to GFCI, USB, and/or smart outlets throughout your home. You can browse through these new modern kinds of outlets and their benefits so that you can be inspired to have them installed in your home.

Switched Outlets

This kind of outlet is usually equipped with one port with a switch that is located on the other port. This switch can allow or block the flow of electricity from the outlet so its source of power need not be on at all times. Rather than unplugging the gadget, you can just turn the outlet on or off.

GFCI Outlets

The purpose of a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet is to halt the flow of electricity when a short circuit or ground fault is detected. In particular, this protects against electrocutions from water, which is why they are needed for kitchens and bathrooms or anywhere near water. You can tell a GFCI outlet from a regular outlet by the two buttons for resetting the outlet after it has been tripped. If your home has no such outlets you may need to have a professional install them for you as a safety precaution.

AFCI Outlets

Many older homes may not have these outlets present at all, as Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets did not become standard until 1999. Nowadays, an AFCI outlet is installed right at the breaker box, and it helps to prevent electricity from jumping from wire to wire which is something that can cause fires. AFCI outlets can be installed in older homes either at the breaker box or at the beginning of each circuit.

20A Outlets

Some appliances like electric ranges and clothes dryers typically require more power than is supplied by the average outlet. Places like the kitchen or laundry room usually have 20A outlets that provide more power to devices that need a lot more energy to run. These outlets look like a regular one, but they are equipped with a small slit on the left side and that tells you that they are 20A outlets.

If your breakers are frequently tripping or your appliance requires more power than your outlets can supply, an electrician can upgrade your current outlets to 20A ones.

USB Outlets

A lot of new devices require USB cords to power themselves but they can’t use traditional outlets without an adapter, which is pretty inconvenient. Luckily, some outlet models on the market now have integrated USB ports directly on the outlet so the user doesn’t have to worry about constantly lugging around an adapter for their devices. USB outlets typically either have two standard ports and two USB ports, or they can have four USB ports but no standard ports. Whatever type of electrical outlet you need, a professional can come and safely install it in your home.

Smart Outlets

Instead of having to switch the device on and off, you can easily switch the devices plugged to a smart outlet through an app or through a smart home speaker. After installing smart outlets, homeowners can turn devices on and off remotely or program then to turn on and off a certain pre-selected times.

One way to deter theft is to program your home’s lighting to turn on and off at certain times when you’re not home. Landlords can set a timetable for smart outlets to be more cost-effective and reduce their power bills. Smart outlets cost more than normal outlets but their use and advantages are countless.

An electrician must immediately check outlets that don’t work or look like they have burn marks on them. For those not familiar with the different wires and the network, working with electricity can be dangerous, especially when there are problems already. For assistance with any electrical outlet job, in order to avoid unnecessary risk, please call your local electrician.